(Myanmar 2016) For generations, the Dockers and their families have lived and worked along the Irrawaddy riverbank in Mandalay, the ancient royal capital of Myanmar. In a time of great political and social transition, their traditional lifestyle is suddenly ‘illegal’ leading to a permanent transformation of purpose and place. Their illegal housing will be bulldozed. The authorities intend to dislocate the squatters into newly built concrete buildings. ’Ma Yan Chan – Waves of Transition’ is an immersion into a unique and disappearing universe. (more…)

(Bosnia 2016) On the heights of Sarajevo, in the fog, we discover men who are milling around an abandoned house. Who are they? What are they doing? What tracks are they busy trying to erase? In one movement, a slow tracking shot, we see the connection between wild nature and rectilinear construction, the gestures of the present and the ruins of the past, characters who are very much alive and History that is still raw.


Matière Primaire, Video HDV, 4’41”, 2007

Couper un arbre est un exercice des sens. Le bûcheron orchestre la croissance de la forêt. Il exécute une intervention tranchante dans la nature. C’est un rituel, une danse entre humains et arbres. Méditation sur le temps et la force de la transformation. Des branches qui bougent mues par une main invisible, des bûcherons à l’œuvre. Une rupture qui se met en place.